Problem pasting from Livecode to Mac Mail

Richard Burkett richard.burkett at
Sat Jan 13 10:10:41 EST 2018

Actually, the reason why we’re having this conversation is that I needed to load the clipboard with in what SHOULD be plain text format data via script, data that included plain returns, and it appeared as double spaced when pasted into Mac Mail. There was another user-driven in terms of selecting text. This should probably be a bug in LiveCode (the same thing happens when I copy a script from the editor in LiveCode). 

In any case, I found a script solution which I sent to the list (use-livecode Digest, Vol 172, Issue 24, item 5) and it works fine now. Perhaps LiveCode should have a clipBoard key “plainTextREALLY” that uses that script.

Thanks again for your help with this, Paul Hibbert.


Richard Burkett
richard.burkett at

On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 Brian Milby wrote:

> That is precisely why we are having this conversation.  An assumption was
> made that creating an HTML version of plain text was needed for the
> clipboard.
> On Fri, Jan 12, 2018 at 4:51 PM Bob Sneidar via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>> wrote:
>> Non- starter. Can't make assumptions about the end user's intent. What if
>> what he was copying was SUPPOSED to have double line breaks or carriage
>> returns? The complaint would be that LC was taking liberties with user's
>> data!
>> Bob S
>>> On Jan 12, 2018, at 09:42 , Brian Milby via use-livecode <
>> use-livecode at <mailto:use-livecode at>> wrote:
>>> If it was changed to use <br> for single line breaks and only assuming a
>>> paragraph when there are 2
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