Android build executable on test device fails

MWCM andrew at
Sat Jan 13 06:15:37 EST 2018

> Testing on an Android device, the "Standalone builder progress" window
> shows first "Building classes" and then for a brief moment "Building
> executable", after which an error window reads "Unable to build app for
> testing: could not open module file".
> Searched the forums but no mention at all of this problem.
> --
> Nicolas Cueto

Someone else on the list had this problem within the week, but had a different subject for the thread. I believe their issue was some code or widget lurking around without proper inclusions. 

What version of Livecode are you compiling with? I’ve had the same problem recently with a stack that I’ve tried to compiler in 8.1.8. I fear I opened this in 9dp11 to see the new dataGrid2 in action and saved the stack without backwards compatibility. This isn’t strictly Android as I was building for iOS when the error manifested. 

—Andrew Bell

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