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You choose a topic that is really really advanced. React is not an easy or
lightweight framework, specially when you use it like most advanced web
developers do by using the flow architecture. Once you go through that
path, integration with other frameworks becomes really hard. For example,
React uses a virtual DOM, jQuery does direct DOM manipulation, integrating
them both is quite tricky. React + Flow uses a variation of the SAM pattern
for holding data which is radically different than what we LC are used to,
and also integration with backbone becomes trickier as backbone wants to
manage data.

The Web is basically its own operating system these days, there are easy
frameworks and hard frameworks. The JS community enjoys using a TON of
small libraries piled up like a castle of cards. Knowing how to build these
castles requires some work but it is not hard, it is more tedious than hard.

The good thing is that in JS land there are always alternatives. There are
multiple ways of solving anything, to the point that choosing to adopt a
solution is part of the problem. Personally, I don't enjoy React even
though Mozilla uses it a lot inside the new Firefox. I prefer Mithril JS or
Vue JS, both of which are very advanced but IMHO easier to work with.

One thing that is unique to the Web is that you can go from simple HTML +
CSS without any JS and have something useful that provides value to you and
your audience all the way to something that requires a PhD to understand.
There is space for everyone and the web grows with you.

Thats why LC web deployment (specially with new WASM stuff) will prove
quite a good thing, it will allow many of us to leap into the largest
deployment target ever.

om om

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> I wouldn't know wht that looked like. ;-)
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> > Well, that page is like most computer manual pages: written in pompous,
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