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This is really the wrong place.You can find out all you need on YouTube
However, due to my own experience, I would consider only a very recent
Macintosh system To work with 4K video. They provide the best bang for the
buck over any PC.  The video “card” is an Integral part of the computer and
Also your friend really needs to figure out which editing program he’s
going to use FIRST and there are many... by the way, final cut Pro X for
the Mac is what I would suggest.   It’s the best deal at $300

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> Sorry for the off topic question, but this is my most trusted place for
> tech knowledge.  Appreciate any tips and advice (for a friend).
> My friend is looking to buy or build a pc to do 4k video editing.  I know
> the obvious part.. If you can afford more memory, add more memory.
> After that, I'm lost.  intel vs amd?  For video, amd or nvidia or something
> else?  Is there a synergy between choice of motherboard/cpu make/video
> choice?  As for hard drive setup, i'm thinking a 500g ssd boot device and a
> single 7200rpm 3tb or greater drive (drive space is CHEAP!)
> I also don't know how important drive throughput is for vid processing.  I
> know it matters, but how fast is fast enough?  Does it pay to set up a
> striped set of 3 or 5 drives?  Or a hybrid drive?
> Is it acceptable to do the processing on a non 4k monitor?
> Unfortunately, cost IS a factor.  I know it boils down to how much cash one
> wants to throw at it, but i'm looking for best bang for the buck, 1500 or
> less.  (things could be bumped up later by adding mem, better monitor to
> view output.
> Oh, also, this will not be online editing (Which I assume to mean "live")
> and will be video from a gopro so the bitrate won't be as intensive as say
> a RED quality camera.
> Thanks for any and all suggestions, and helping me provide better
> recommendations to my friend.
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