Local Image Paths in HTML for Browser Widget Fails

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Mon Jan 8 22:16:42 EST 2018

Nope… no way. On mobile, there are major issues with certain mobile controls. e.g. scrolling group becomes a mobile scroller on a phone… this "lies on top of everything" and I believe the browser is also generating a mobile control instance as well. I don't understand it 100% (not even 10%) but my guess is the pixel map for the rect of the display, for some mobile controls, cannot accept input from another object, within those same bounds/coords.

Especially on Android "all hell breaks" loose on the screen. You would have to see some of the bizarre abstract art that suddenly appears on the screen, very wild "early cubist" stuff with squares-tiles of colors and blocks 

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    ok, nevermind, you can't overlay the browser widget I guess.  Is there a

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