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Fri Jan 5 16:52:30 EST 2018

On 1/5/18 2:18 PM, Graham Samuel via use-livecode wrote:
> I have a substack which is supposed to contain logging data. It’s got a single card and a single scrolling field. Being at an early stage of development, I have this bit of code to be sure it’s working:
> put empty into fld "TheLog" of cd "Log" of stack "TheUninstallLog"
> set the visible of stack "TheUninstallLog" to true
> put the visible of stack "TheUninstallLog"
> answer "We should see the log window now! Its visibility is" && (the vis of stack "TheUninstallLog")
> Under the IDE, I do indeed see the stack, but in a standalone, I get the ‘answer’ output showing the visibility to be true, but it remains invisible.
> What did I do wrong?

Is the stack open? A closed stack can have its visible property set to 
true but it doesn't appear until it's opened.

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