Parameters for functions and commands

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Non functions don't need the parens. You are actually are passing 1 parameter of "2,3"
When you do a "put DoStuff_2 (2,3)" LC is looking for a function DoStuff_2 that does not exist.
If you do "DoStuff_2 2,3" you will get the expected results.
Also if a  non function does a "Return somevar" the value of somevar with be in "the result"


On DoStuff3 a,b
Return A
End DoStuff3

The if you do this in another handler

Dostuff3 2,3
Answer the result

You will see "2"

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I am well aware that I shouldn't expect *everything* in Livecode to be intuitive, but this one bugs me:

Having a handler like

    function DoStuff_1 a, b

       return a

    end DoStuff_1

When you do "put DoStuff_1 (2,3)" the result is 2.

But with

    on DoStuff_2 a, b

        put a

    end DoStuff_2

The result of DoStuff_2 (2, 3) is 2,3. "put a*b" produces an error.

This means, parameters are passed differently to command handlers and function handlers. Right?

Is that the way it should be and why?

Thanks for your patience


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