Message Order Difference different between platforms

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Thu Jan 4 15:54:41 EST 2018

Hi all. 

This may explain some wierdness between different platforms. I have a datagrid in a stack, with a mouseDoubleUp handler and a selectionChanged handler. The first command in each handler is an answer dialog telling which handler is currently running. 

On MacOS if I double click a datagrid row, selectionChanged gets triggered. On Windows, the mouseDoubleUp handler gets triggered. The expected behavior is that selectionChanged gets triggered, at which point some form population routines run, and then mouseDoubleUp gets triggered, after which if the stack is in Search mode (a construction of my own) the stack closes after passing the selected data back to the main stack. 

Because Windows si doing these things in the opposite order, mouseDoubleUp is closing the stack and returning to the main form before selectionChanged gets a chance to run. 

Is this the expected behavior, or is this some kind of anomaly?

Bob S

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