Two new videos about using Navigator with LiveCode

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Wed Jan 3 23:25:12 EST 2018

I updated my copy of ScreenFlow, so I made two new videos about how to use
Navigator with LiveCode.

Navigator is old -- I mostly finished with it about a dozen years ago --
but I updated it a few years ago to work with behaviors, so if you use
those it can be really helpful. That said, I haven't tested Navigator
extensively with anything more recent than LC 6.7.3, although it seems at
least not to break in LC 8. (Yes, I know, I'm going to try 8 out this week).

There are two new videos:

The Card Menu:
Shows a list of the cards in the displayed stack, and lets you display the
controls in any of them. Can also display all the background-capable (top
level) groups in the stack, whether they have backgroundbehavior set to
true or not.

The Script Menu:
Lets you easily copy and paste scripts into objects. Displays all the
handlers from both an object and its behavior. Select any handler to edit
the script and jump to that handler. Lets you call any handler, function,
getProp, or setProp, including passing in parameters, and for functions and
getProp displays the result/property so you can see/copy it.

Here's a link to all the videos I've created about Navigator: 4 Play all

I'll upload more videos as they're available.

Navigator comes with LiveCode, but get the most recent version here, it's
far better than the included version:

Navigator is free and open source. If you have any questions, let me know.

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