problems with mobilepickphoto

Klaus major-k klaus at
Wed Jan 3 11:33:29 EST 2018

Hi friends,

I have a strange problem with "mobilepickphoto"!

Here the script:
on mouseUp pMouseButton
lock screen
if the environment = "mobile" then
mobilePickPhoto "library",212,212
if the result is empty then
exit mouseUp
end if

## Works on Device and simulator so far!


answer file "Bitte ein Bild auswählen" with type "jpeg, png|jpg,png|"
if IT is empty then
exit mouseUp
end if
import paint from file it
end if

## When on MOBILE, the script stops here without any error?
## Works fine on desktop!

## Not executed on mobile?
 put last image into image "foto-01"

## Same for this line?
set the text of image "foto-01" to the text of last image

delete last img

Any hints very welcome, thank you!


Klaus Major
klaus at

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