Free SVG icons

hh hh at
Tue Jan 2 21:19:18 EST 2018

These SVGs are fine.

1. download the zip from github
(29.7 MByte, unpacks to 61.4 MByte)

2. open one of the folders in dist/svg, e.g. dist/svg/flat
3. make a stack with one field and one svg widget:

Script the field as follows

on dragenter
  set the dragaction to "copy"
  put line 1 of the dragdata["files"] into me
  put url("file:"& me) into s
  set linedel to "<path d="
  set itemdel to quote
  put item 2 of line 2 of s into p
  set the iconPath of widget 1 to p
end dragenter

4. drag one of the file icons from the finder to the field.

Works here, for all tested icons, using LC 8 and LC 9.

@JLG: Wrote by a German, also for Americans.
@BM: Thanks for the link to that wonderful repository.

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