Scrolling Groups on Mobile - Show a little of what is below

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Sep 21 23:13:43 EDT 2017

I've seen that also, though it looks cool initially, I'm not sure a regular user of the app would want to have that "noise" every time they go to that screen it it were a "home" screen. But it's  a good option for some use cases, for sure.

But following on Jacque's essay on user testing and "ruthless refactoring based on feedback"  and another thing I saw on Quora about how one attribute of genius is the humility and courage to throw away even a mountain of previous work if you can make the end result better… 

I may just try to get stackholders to let us put links to all 8 regions on the visible region and scrap the scroller. Our new designer in Croatia created that exact screen for me (without my asking her to) in Invision...  and younger users who I have given a "no holds bar feedback license" are pretty vocal about it… "It's only 8 links… why do you make us scroll?" Older users like it though… "I love the pretty little photos."  There one in each row. Many usesr don’t' seem to care, they are focus on content and swiping up is just natural…

UX … so many options and opinions.

    Jim Lambert wrote:

    Some mobile UI’s, when first showing a scrolling list that extends below the visible area, will slightly “bounce” the list contents up then back down.  This does double duty. It briefly reveals the hidden content and indicates that the list is scrollable. And it works regardless of screen height.

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