The Shrinking size of animated gif

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Oct 30 22:54:45 EDT 2017

Hi All,

Could you verify if always that we convert
an animaated gif in a series of png images
the resulting images are always smaller
than the original animated gif?

Here is the recipe:

1) Create a new stack

2) create a button and paste this script
into the button: (check for broken lines
in the mail list server)

on mouseUp

-- first, delete all previous images
   repeat with i = the number of controls of this card down to 1
      if word 1 of the long  name of control i of this card is "image" then
delete control i of this card
   end repeat

   answer file "Choose an animated gif..."
   import paint from file it
      put the framecount of img 1 into k
      repeat with m = 1 to k
         set the currentframe of img 1 to m
         create image
         set the width of it to the width of img 1
         set the height of it to the height of img 1
         set the imagedata of it to the imagedata of img 1
         set the alphadata of it to the alphadata of img 1
      end repeat

      repeat with i = 1 to the number of controls of this card
         put the long name of control i of this card into q
         if word 1 of q is "image" then
            put the size of q & comma after n
         end if
      end repeat

      delete last char of n -- a comma
      put item 1 of n into tAnimatedGifSize
      delete item 1 of n
      put sum(n) into tPngImagesSize

      if tAnimatedGifSize > tPngImagesSize then
         put "Animated gif is " & (tAnimatedGifSize - tPngImagesSize) & "
bytes larger than png images"
         -- sum of sizes of png images is larger
         -- than size of animated gif
         put "Png images are " & (tPngImagesSize - tAnimatedGifSize) & "
bytes larger than animated gif"
      end if
   end try
end mouseUp


3) Click the button and import an animated gif

Post your results in this thread,
Thanks a lot in advance!


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