HELP - Script debugger out of sync

James Hale james at
Sat Oct 21 02:37:40 EDT 2017

I have been modifying one of my utility apps and have hit a strange glitch.

While trying to debug the script I find the visual feedback of where I am in the script to be out of sync by, it appears, 4 lines.

For those interested in how this looks I have uploaded a video of same. <>

For those not wanting to watch the symptoms are...

1. enter the debug mode of the script editor.
2. step into the handler
3. actually shown at the end of the handler (or more correctly 4 lines in)
4. stepping through script into other handlers I remain 4 lines out of sync with what is actually displayed.

I have now tried this in LC versions 8.16, 8.17, 8.20, 9dp9

All do the same thing.

I have deleted the preference files

They still do the same thing.


what is going on?


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