Clipboard pastes into single spreadsheet cell

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Thu Oct 19 08:23:54 EDT 2017

What I discovered when I was fiddling around with this was that when I copy
text from a text editor (ST, atom, BBE, TW), and check the
fullClipboardData in LC, the only key is "text".  The rtf, html, etc. are
all missing (put the keys of the fullClipboardData).  When I put something
into the clipboard in LC, all of the keys are populated, and I haven't
figured out how to remove those keys.  Putting empty into those values does
not seem to fix it.

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> >
> > That is a function of how Google Spreadsheet and BBEdit treat tabs, not
> the Livecode Clipboard.
> >
> > Bob S
> >
> >
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> wrote:
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> >> Tabs coming from LiveCode are converted to spaces when pasted to a
> Google
> >> spreadsheet, but are not converted when pasting from BBEdit.
> I have a theory for you.
> I suspect that because when you copy text in LC then not only the plain
> text representation is put on the clipboard but also a html one, an rtf one
> and so on. Some apps might preferentially read the html one for example and
> in google sheets 	 might be replaced with space to fit the html chunk to
> a single cell. So moral of the story is to either control what
> representations are placed on the clipboard by setting the appropriate
> array keys or tell users to use the Edit > Paste special > Paste values
> only menu.
> Cheers
> Monte
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