Need Dropbox guidance

pink nabble at
Tue Oct 17 07:51:25 EDT 2017

So far, none of my attempts with the Dropbox script have been successful,
with the exception of create folder.

Basically I just want to create an invisible file as a save stack, upload it
to a folder in dropbox and then be able to download it and put it into

So below is the script that I've most recently used. A file gets uploaded,
but it isn't the actual stack I created, I've also tried uploading directly
from the tLocalPath but that returns an error.

Any suggestions?

  put "testdata7" into tName
  put specialfolderpath("desktop") & "/" & tName & ".mpk" into tLocalPath
  put "/mptest/" & tName & ".livecode" into tDBpath
  create invisible stack tName
  set the testingMeData of stack tName to "123456abc"
  dropboxUpload myToken, tDBPath, "overwrite", false, false, tName
  clear stack tName

  dropboxDownload myToken, tDBpath

Greg (pink) Miller
mad, pink and dangerous to code
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