Creeping IDE Script Editor window position

Bob Hall bob at
Sun Oct 15 12:36:31 EDT 2017

Mac OS 10.13.x
LC 8.1.7 (rc3)

I invested a some time into figuring out the creepring IDE SE Windows. This issue I am sure is related to Bugs #19419 & 19853 (sure would be nice if this could get looked at, pretty please). I find the creeping window only occurs when I open the IDE on my secondary monitor on Mac OS.

The reason the script editor window moves down on each load appears to be the result of the system property “the effective top” not having the correct value on multi-monitor (Mac) setups when the IDE opens on the secondary monitor. I do not have access to Windows/Linux at the moment so I can not confirm the behavior on those systems.

I am not creating a PR as I suspect the issue is likely to be fixed when bug 19419 is fixed.

How to “band-aid” the creeping IDE Window (when IDE is on secondary monitor) (NOTE: this is intended for more advanced users. Perform at your own risk. Backup your LC App before starting. I take no responsibility if this kills your install ;-)

Tested on LC 8.1.7 (rc3) Mac Users only:
0: Make sure Livecode is not running.
1. In your text editor of choice, open the application Contents and edit Tools->Toolset->libraries->revidelibrary.8.livecodescript
2. search for the command revIDEEnsureOnscreen
3. change this line (on or about line 4531)

if the effective top of stack pStackName < item 2 of tScreenRect then


if the top of stack pStackName < item 2 of tScreenRect then

NOTE: this change can result in the IDE title bar being under the menu bar. For me, I’ll take this minor risk over the IDE moving down each time I open it up.

There have not been any code changes in this part of the code for a long time (last by runrevElanor in 2 years ago). I do believe the root of the issue is that the effective top is not returning a good result as it is likely related to bug 19419. 

- Bob Hall

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