Rotating widgets

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Oct 14 14:14:04 EDT 2017

I am getting a bit fudgey with clock hands.

I have used my SVG importer stack to import a minute and an hour hand as 
SVG widgets, as well as
a clock face.

The "only snag" is that when I do this sort of thing:

set the angle of widget "hourHand" to 90

it rotates the widget round its centre rather than round the bit that a 
clock hand would naturally rotate around.

So . . .

is there a way to do something like this:


set the angle of widget "hourHand" to 90 at point 20,200


where "point 20,200" refers to a position on the widget around which 
rotation can take place.


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