[ANN] Release 8.2.0 DP-2

Mark Waddingham mark at livecode.com
Thu Oct 12 14:45:02 EDT 2017

On 2017-10-11 19:09, Dan Brown via use-livecode wrote:
> Any news on the progress of datagrid v2 and enhanced graphics speed?

Just to embellish what Panos said...

There has been 2-3 of us working on the DG2 project over the last couple 
of sprints:

   1) Monte has been updating the DG to automatically take advantage of 
mobile scrollers

   2) Michael has been working on updating the DG to do the edit mode / 
swipe actions as described in the project

   3) I've been working on updating acceleratedRendering mode to allow 
child controls to have dynamic layers

I believe (1) is complete and should appear in the next 9 DP (although 
don't hold me to that, it might be the one after the next one!).

The script level DG changes (2) is making good progress - Michael is on 
the second sprint worth of work on it.

The engine level accelRender changes (3) is not going too badly either.

I've already sorted out selection handles based on some work Ali did a 
while back in 9 - all selection type handles are now rendered above 
everything else and the graphical artifacts which appeared in 
accelRender mode have been eliminated.

I've also done an initial refactor of the way the underlying 'TileCache' 
mechanism (which is the core of accelRender mode) is used from the main 
engine code - the goal being that each control type controls how it is 
rendered in that mode; rather than it happening in one place which is 
the case currently. This is the crux of allowing child controls (of 
groups) to be dynamic layers but it has some other nice benefits too...

In particular, it means that we should be able to eliminate the rules 
about when controls can use accelRender (something I wasn't sure would 
be possible when we specified the DG2 project) - e.g. you should, after 
this work is complete, be able to set a group to 'dynamic' and then it 
will automatically make itself scrolling if it is a scrolling group, and 
also retain other things like its border and label should they be set 
(similarly fields can get the same treatment).

The most intensive part of this work is going through and updating 
around 150 or so places in the engine which flag where a redraw is 
needed - making sure they are doing so much more specifically (e.g. the 
border of this control has changed, so just update the border) - 
slightly tedious perhaps, but well worth it and I've been plugging away 
at it.

So, anyway, I can't yet give a date for when all the work will be 
complete - but at the moemnt, at least, we do appear to be on track for 
delivery in November... Although, famous last words and all that!

Warmest Regards,


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