LiveCode documentation set now available for Dash compatible readers

James Hale james at
Tue Oct 3 18:54:09 EDT 2017

There is now a documentation set (currently at LC 9 dp 9) available in the "user-contribution" category for Dash compatible readers.

The set includes all the Guides and the dictionary (API) entries.
Also included in this version are summary listing of all associated entries under their respective libraries. so, type in "clock", select the "com.livecode.widget.clock" entry and you will see the two properties associated with this widget.

I will maintain the set against the LC 9 releases. Depending on your preferences this should auto update your copy as I update the the repository.

To install:
Simply go to the docset downloading section within your app's prefs and select "user-contributions" -> LiveCode
(Apologies to non Mac readers, you will need to check your apps instructions.)

Roll your own:
For those wishing to make their own documentation set, the "Make Docset" stack (available on LiveCodeShare) has been updated to version 2.0

• Complete reworking of extraction and formatting code. Now works directly on dictionary array
• All library and Widget entries now include a summary list of associated dictionary entries
• All Datagrid entries summarised under "Datagrid"
* Removed links in descriptions where multiple entries were possible and correct one was ambiguous. 

Dash compatible Readers:
- MacOS and iOS Dash <>
- Windows: Velocity <‪>
- Linux (and Windows): Zeal <‪>- 
Android: LovelyDocs <‪>

The Mac, Windows and Linux readers all support various plugins to enable you to access the documentation set from other programs.
Some of those supported include: Atom, Sublime Text, BBedit, Text Wrangler, Emacs, VIM etc. Check the particular reader's web site for details.



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