mergZXing alternative

andrew at andrew at
Mon Oct 2 19:03:45 CEST 2017

I just got around to building a new version of an existing project and  
discovered my barcode scanner didn't work. Quick check of the release  
notes for 8.2.0dp1 stated that mergZXing was being deprecated and to  
use mergAVCam instead.

I can't find mergAVCam (assume mergAV is the inclusion, but this  
wasn't selected by "Search for required inclusions...") or any syntax  
that will support barcodes now. Tried 8.2.0dp1 and 9.0.0dp7. I'm also  
using the Spinner widget so I get a "can't find module" error when  
trying with 8.1.7.rc2.

Can anyone provide a basic code sample for how this should work now?

--Andrew Bell

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