Transparent Images in LC

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Mar 30 13:46:37 EDT 2017

Paul Dupuis wrote:

 > I was trying to import (as a control) a transparent PNG (i.e. the
 > "white" parts allow whatever is underneath to show through) and
 > instead of transparancy, I get the slashed background lines
 > transparent PNG are often displayed with. Thinking it might be
 > the PNG itself, I have our graphics person create a PNG that was
 > transparent and shows up as transparent in other app, it still
 > was not importing with the transparent parts transparent in LC.

My experience is like Bob's: lots of PNGs imported into LC for many 
years across many versions, and have never seen "slashed background 
lines" or lost transparency.

Perhaps double-check with your graphics person about how those were 
produced.  PNG is flexible and supports many options; maybe settings 
established for something else were left in place for the images 
exported to you.

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