Object Selection Handles

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Mar 27 15:37:50 EDT 2017

Dan Friedman wrote:

 > Is there a property to change the shape of the selection handles when
 > using the selection tool?  In LC 9 (and 8), they are round circles
 > that protrude outside the edge of the control.  In previous versions,
 > they were squares that remained within the rect of the control.
 > These large “dots” make it hard to do fine alignment of controls.
 > I know there is a selectionHandleColor property, but is there
 > anything like a selectionHandleShape property?

I too find the selection handles harder to work with.  I submitted a 
request for an adjustable size; I don't mind if you add a note there 
asking for shape as well (the older rectangles would be preferable to me 
as well, much less ambiguous than any anti-aliased curve shape):

 > Also, the border of the selected control is dashed when selected.
 > Can that be removed as well?

The new selection borders drive me crazy - I can't see the edges clearly 
when resizing, and can't see them at all when applying border treatments 
- request to make that option here:

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