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hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sat Mar 25 19:51:14 EDT 2017

Widget usage example #2: LC-ImageToolBox89_Basics

You will be astonished how close the core of the javascripts is to the
handling of imagedata in LCScript. There are a lot among you who will
add and change effects without knowing javascript, simply by using an
existing function as 'template' (and use a correct 'header' and 'footer'
around it).

Using LC 8.1.3/9.0.0-dp6 the stack runs (tested) well on
Mac 10.12 and Win 7/10, depends also on your CPU/GPU combination.

On Linux (Mint 181c) I got sadly the well-known "linux-something-dialogs".
I hope that somebody has on linux more success and/or can help me to work
around this bug of the browser widget.

> Widget usage example #1: Ken-Burns-Effect 
> http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?p=152547#p152547

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