differences between text/imagedata of image in LC6/8

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at kestner.de
Fri Mar 24 06:23:29 EDT 2017


in an old program I obviously tried to be very technically over correct when
copying an image and did:

1.       set the imagedata of img 2 to the imagedata of img 1

This worked up to LC 6.7. In LC8/9 I get a corrupted image (black and
stripes) in the target image.

What works in LC8/9 is

2.       set the text of img 2 to the text of img 1


3.       put img 1 into img 2

What is the correct syntax today? Is solution 2 and 3 the same and just an
alias (what it seems to me) or are there differences in details I do not

And is there any explanation why the upward compatibility of solution 1 is










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