Password field code to share?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Mar 21 05:46:05 EDT 2017


there have been several solutions for password fields around the community
(Eric Chatonet, .), but all I have seen so far are not complete (e.g. no
copy/paste) or safe in handling or not fully handling all chars. The most
comprehensive solution I have seen is based on the input of "rawKeyDown the
Key" getting the chars, replacing them by asterisk or bullets and storing
the clear password in a custom property. But that solution has a pitfall, it
doesn't works with non standard ASCII characters, like German umlaute,
because  you can't  retrieve the original char from numToChar(theKey) for
theses non standard ASCII chars.

Before inventing the wheel again, I wanted to ask, if anybody has a
sophisticated piece of code for handling a password field willing to share?
"Ask password" is not a solution for my case because the password field is
part of a form.







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