Linux 32bit?

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Mar 20 21:56:53 CET 2017

on Mon Mar 20 2017, William A. Prothero, Jr wrote:
> Something that might draw in New users who want a ready made solution
> are template stacks for various kinds of apps. Users would get a head
> on an app, then customize it for their own purposes. Perhaps this already
> as I haven't perused the site for awhile. I do know that the short course
> making iOS apps, offered a year ago, badly needed proof reading by
> who didn't create the materials. I got discouraged at the time I had to
> and have up.
> I know there is a lot out there. Can a new user find it?

More than templates, many new users (notice, I don't call them new
are looking for a one click solution. They are looking for something like
a Software Appliance, an appliance similar (in principle) to a microwave
a kitchen blender or a can opener. Just one click is enough to know if it

I blame smartphones for the prevalence of this state of mind in new users...

While Macintosh (and Commodore, previously) catered to provide tools
for creatives (text, Images and music), the generation that is growing
with a smartphone and a tablet in their hands act more like consumers,
than as creators. Then...
How do you deal with this new demographic reality?

Providing software as a service...
I believe that LiveCode should provide software as service and open
a path for new users to become the developers of their own apps,
if they feel the inclination to do so.

Difficult? Yes... Impossible? Not for professional developers.


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