Widget usage examples

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon Mar 20 08:53:07 EDT 2017


My widget usage example (Ken-Burns-Effekt)
misses one feature I have announced:

The images list is currently only working if you use image files from
a server (may be also a local server). My variant for local files was,
not in the stack yet, to translate local URLs of the form "file://"
into a data source of the form "data:image/png;base64,...").
But this doesn't work coreectly, as it is, with the current javascript.
As this should be a clean example, the original by John @ Toymakerlabs
only changed in parameter settings, this kind of "local loading" is
delayed to a future usage example. Sorry.

*** But this works for a usage without a (local) server: ***

Hit the button "COPY" while the show (adjusted to your taste) is running
and write the clipboard (= the htmltext of the widget) out to a local
".html"-file. Then use images from a folder relative to that file (server
is also allowed):
You can for setting image pathes and descriptions edit the html file at about
line 500. Then set the URL of your widget to that local file ("file://...").

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