OSX module file error when building standalone with LC 8 on mac

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Wed Mar 15 01:48:12 EDT 2017

I just went to recompile a little utility I have and came across this error.

The stack is simple and just gets the user to select file(s) or a folder or a text list to create folders somewhere else.

I had compiled a standalone before but now am unable to with LC8.

It gets all the way to building MacOS components and then...

"There was an error while saving the
standalone application
Build failed for MacOSX x86-32: could not
open module file"

I originally was compiling 64 bit, then I tried both, then just 32 bit.
Same error in each case.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Does anyone know what it means?

Tried with 
8.1.3 indy and business
8.1.0 Indy

Then tried with a couple of the 9DPs
These all worked!

So it seems to be only with the LC 8s that I have.


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