Help troubleshooting IDE Script Editor Window Position

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Tue Mar 14 12:24:53 EDT 2017

to get the top of the window, in the message box do:
put the top of stack "revnewscripteditor 1"

Same of course for bottom, left, right, rect, and loc

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 10:12 AM, Bob Hall via use-livecode <
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> Is it possible to get the location of the IDE Script editor window? I need
> to confirm what I suspect is a bug in 8.1.3 and need the top coordinate of
> the IDE script window to confirm for bug report.
> I have a multi-monitor setup for my dev machine. One of the monitors is
> portrait, the other is landscape (iMac 27”). As of 8.1.3 on Mac OS X
> 10.12.3, the top location of “system” windows (IDE script editor,
> answer/ask, toolbar as examples) appear to use the smallest value of EITHER
> screen to set the top location of the window and not the top of the monitor
> the window opens on.
> This results in IDE script editor, answer/ask not being accessible/visible
> as it is off the screen to the top on the Landscape monitor. If the top of
> the portrait monitor is “higher” relatively then the landscape monitor, It
> appears as though the top location of the portrait monitor is used even
> when the window opens on the landscape monitor. I would like to confirm
> this behavior thus my question above.
> I searched for a bug about this and while I’m seeing some that are
> similar, this I believe is a new one and is actually came from an LC9
> regression. I’ve seen this same thing in LC9 since DP1 and now it appears
> in LC 8.1.3 but not 8.1.2 or prior versions.
> For the curious… I will attempt to show in text graphics how the monitors
> are oriented.
> (Screen orientation in System prefs using text — I hope this comes through)
> ______
> |          |
> |          |__________
> |          |                 |
> |          |                 |
> |          |__________|
> |______|
> I use the portrait display for coding (nice and long with ability to have
> debugging displayed with lots of room). LC IDE/system windows on the
> landscape display have the top of the window set using the value from the
> portrait display (I think) as they display off screen to the top.
> If I orient the displays in System Preferences as:
> ______ __________
> |          |                 |
> |          |                 |
> |          |__________|
> |          |
> |______|
> Everything works fine as the top of both monitors is the same. The issue
> with this is that the monitors are not“oriented to their physical relative
> positions so it's a little frustrating to move the cursor from portrait to
> landscape and back again. Not a big deal but different and kind of a pain
> compared to prior versions.
> This behavior started in LC 8.1.3. LC 8.1.2 works perfectly.
> Thanks in advance,
> Bob
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