LC for Raspberry Pi

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Sat Mar 11 21:50:01 CET 2017


Thanks for your engagement. I would like to second this with 98%.

Let me correct two of your statements (the missing 2%).

> RG wrote:
> The last RPi build was v704, which is generally good with one critical 
> issue:  a bug in the menu handling routine causes a crash when clicking 
> in a menubar.
That's wrong in that generality. I have four Raspi's running
(one A with Debian, two B+ with Lubuntu or Debian resp., one 3 with Xubuntu
or Debian resp., the Debian needs to be first installed on a 2B+, see forum).
So install an appropriate OS and it works. Though 3-5 imes slower than v651.

> RG wrote:
> So for me, if I had to deliver a GUI for RPi I'd much rather use a workflow
> similar to what we do with mobile:  develop on a fully-spec'd desktop 
> machine, and deploy to the device.

If "I'd" means "I would" then I'd say once again (I told you in the forum):
This is the way I did from the beginning of the existence of __LC 704__,
which is the only one that has a Raspi-deployment option (Linux ARMv6-HF).
Simply copy the standalone created on your desktop box to your Raspi via sftp
(what may be even scripted) or via an USB stick.

So if developers optimize for speed (as LC 7 is 3-5 times slower than LC 6)
they can have this, since years. By ONE click and ONE data transfer.

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