Allowed Orientations failing on mobile in 9dp5?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Sat Mar 11 00:03:39 EST 2017

This used to work on 8.1.3

on preopenStack
   command sivasiva_InitOrientation "landscape"
end preopenstack

#with these in a library that was started on init.. (i.e. effectively a backscript)

command sivasiva_InitOrientation orientationType
if the environment is not "mobile" then return false
set the fullscreenmode of this stack to "showAll" -- better for wider screens
mobile_SetAllowedOrientation orientationType
end sivasiva_InitOrientation

command mobile_SetAllowedOrientation orientationType
if the environment is not "mobile" then return empty
switch orientationType
case "portrait"
put "portrait,portrait upside down" into allowedOrientations
case "landscape"
put "landscape left,landscape right" into allowedOrientations
default -- allow all, ignoring face up/down
put "portrait,portrait upside down,landscape left,landscape right" into allowedOrientations
end switch
mobileSetAllowedOrientations allowedOrientations
return allowedOrientations
end mobile_SetAllowedOrientation

This use to force a new stack open in the app to "go sideways" even if the user was holding the phone "upright"

but now standalones built with 9dp5… the stack opens small in portrait mode

is this happening for anyone else?


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