[Blog] Infinite LiveCode Progress

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Thu Mar 9 23:29:36 EST 2017

heather wrote:

" Folks, in case any of you missed it, LC9 dp6 has some great new functionality:"

Beware: I have been doing "great work" (by that I means squashing bugs and running tests) in 9dp5, but 9dp6 completely trashed the android standalone build (on the phone only… my repository scripts and binaries are fine, I am filing a report)

I switched back to 9dp5, right away… and ran the test again and it performed perfectly, nothing wrong with our scripts.

FYI: odd but true: I'm making better progress now but targeting my android phone… it's faster to build and deploy, I don't have to go to Xcode → Devices and add the stand alone…  and whenever I do deploy on iPhone, if it is working on Android it always works on iPhone so…. go figure.



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