Searching "teh" or tihs"

hh hh at
Thu Mar 9 20:29:49 EST 2017

> Peter Bogdanoff wrote:
> This looks intriguing! I’m working on a commercial project that
> could use this. What is your license?

The code is based on pseudocode from–Levenshtein_distance

From my side it's free for non-commercial use, I only wish to have
a citation.

For commercial use of my published scripts I would like to have
1. a citation
2. an "At-least-donation", one time, for the
+++++++++ CFFL = Community Fund for LiveCoders: +++++++++
For such LiveCoders who help the community such a lot in the forums
or here in the list and who really _need_ some money (I know some).

The donation for this script here should be _at least_ $10 (one time).

The fund is a new idea.
Certainly Richard Gaskin is willing to manage such a fund (assuming he
doesn't need such funding). OK Richard?

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