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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Thu Mar 9 17:26:19 EST 2017

Asking for an e-mail address is a small thing to ask for.

But _forcing_, rather than _asking_, isn't quite the same thing.

-------- Personal blether starts now -------

I don't feel capable in a big way to contribute to LiveCode development,
so I do try to send bug reports in when I fall over 'bugs'.

I am still wondering about trying to make a simplified interface for 
some sort of
cut-down version of LiveCode using block-programming [ c.f. Scratch and 
so on ].

I was wondering about having a script-editor with blocks . . .

Whether that would actually constitute devloping FOR Livecode is a moot 
One of my motives for considering it is that it might fuel greater 
uptake at the child-teenage-educational
end of the spectrum working on the theory that children who start with 
Livecode via block-programming
might progress to "proper" Livecode programming after a while.

Unfortunately I suspect that my idea is, like the ideas of many would-be 
contributors, quite far
down the list of my day-to-day priorities: running a school, teaching, 
developing my Devawriter Pro,
Professional Development, being a husband and a father, and so on and so 
forth . . . I do hope that
in June/Jult/August I will find both the time and the energy to get 
started on this . . . and, who knows,
some folk may deide to join in the "fun", although I haven't noticed 
much "communal'" stuff going
on in this "community" to be honest.

------ Personal blether ends ----

And it is, indeed a gae richt scunner anent maist fowk's glisk til the 
free version, but I for yin
amnae ma brither's keeper nor dictator forbye.


On 3/9/17 11:32 pm, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> On 3/9/2017 1:02 PM, Richmond Mathewson via use-livecode wrote:
>> If you decide you don't wish to donate right now you still have to
>> specify a name and an e-mail
>> address.
>> So: NO anonymous download unless you happen to have previously
>> bookmarked:
>> Not good.
> In this age of massive invasion of privacy by governments, corporations,
> and unpleasant groups and individuals, I can respect not wanting to
> provide a name and email address for all sorts of reasons.
> However, on the flip side, LiveCode Open Source (which I backed) may
> have been a mistake. I backed the Open Source kickstarter for 2 reasons:
> (1) in hopes more people would develop for LiveCode; and (2) so the
> source would be there in the worst case scenario that LiveCode, Ltd went
> kaput. The cost to switch our products to another language would be the
> end of our business.
> With 75% of downloads being Community, only 25% of the user base is
> paying for 100% of the development. The idea being that those that get
> LiveCode for free would, in some part, contribute back to the Open
> Source effort that, in turn, expands the commercial offerings. The
> statistics show that is only minimally happening and not in any way to
> support the cost of giving LiveCode to 75% of the user base free. I hope
> this changes.
> In this context, asking for a email address in an attempt to market to
> the people free access to LiveCode is a small thing to ask for.  If the
> open source side of the house doesn't add more capabilities to LiveCode
> or self-support itself through voluntary contributions to a greater
> degree over time, then the practical reality is that it will ultimately
> fail.
> I hope that it does not fail.
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