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Can anyone tell me how/if one can use the JSON library from LC 8 on LC Server? I’m running Community Server v. 8.1.2 on a Linux server.

I tried just calling JsonExport() in the .lc script, but it errors. Do I have to ‘include’ or ‘start using’ the library somehow?

Answered my own question with another google search. Peter B. answered the question in this thread a few months back:


So here’s what I did:

Opened the LiveCode.app bundle on my Mac.

Navigated to Contents > Tools > Extensions .

Copied the com.livecode.library.json folder to the same folder on the server where my test script is.

Included this statement at the beginning of my .lc test script:

    load extension from file "com.livecode.library.json/module.lcm”

Works like a champ!

But I wonder if there’s a less fiddly way to do it. Are these LCB libraries included in the LC server installation?


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