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> On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 5:12 PM, Mike Kerner via use-livecode <
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> > Besides, this is not
> > debugging, this is remote debugging, and if anything screams "premium",
> > it's a feature like this.  Anyone who has been building for mobile since
> we
> > could do that with LC has been working with their own personal debugging
> > hacks.  You can debug mobile, on the device, without this tool.
> >
> Hey Mike,
> I completely disagree with this notion that having a debugger is a premium
> feature. As you say, anyone who was building mobile was crafting helpers to
> help debug their creations but this is not the same as stepping through the
> code with a debugger.
> Lets not mix the act of debugging an app (removing bugs) with having a real
> debugger. For example, for ages Web Developers filled their code with
> alert() dialogs and console.log() calls which is much like we do with LC on
> mobile, but, all browsers these days ship real debuggers and both Chrome
> and Firefox ship with remote debuggers, heck Firefox alone can debug iOS
> Safari from Desktop Linux.
> Remote debuggers are not a fancy premium feature. Android Studio (which is
> the free oficial IDE) has a remote debugger. Visual Studio has remote
> debugger. Phonegap has a remote debugger. Corona SDK has a remote debugger.
> Basically everyone that is shipping mobile apps has a remote debugger and
> is not charging a premium on it.
> An Indy License costs more than 500 USD per year. Thats not peanuts, thats
> a solid investment, not allow people who make such investment from having a
> normal standard tool for mobile app development is crazy! LC on mobile is
> already buggy enough on the engine side, having this debugger would have
> the side effect of making it easier for us to contribute bug recipes for
> example. Lots of time here we loose a precious amount of time trying to
> identify if the bug is on our side of the code or the engine since we can't
> step through it.
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