[Long] Moving a REST request from Desktop to Server

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Mar 8 13:32:30 EST 2017

Malte Brill wrote:

 > no, I did not considder using a standalone as a CGI engine. I am
 > in a rather difficult environment with the project (government
 > servers that have ridiculous tests and approval times for changed
 > solutions). On top of that, I would not want to lose the benefit
 > of using liveCode PHP style.

The merge function is similar, but just different enough to prevent us 
from using it to test LC Server scripts in the LC IDE.  :(

If anyone else here would find that useful perhaps I could submit a 
request for that.  I'm thinking maybe something like:

   put merge( tSomeStuff, "server") into tModifiedStuff

...where "server" is a flag that determines which merge style should be 

Or would it be simpler as a separate function, maybe something like:

  put serverMerge( tSomeStuff ) into tModifiedStuff

Suggestions on that?

It would be so nice if we could find some way to overcome the 
incompatibilities between LC Server and how LC normally handles scripts 
so we could debug as we write (the xTalk way!).

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