AW: Trouble playing videos with MS DirectShow LC 8

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Wed Mar 8 03:07:05 EST 2017

Hey Klaus,

you saved my YEAR!

As you mentioned "LAVFilters", I remembered that I also had installed the
LAV Filters on my development machine long time ago (my brain gets old), et
voila, that’s the difference between my machine and the others.

Installing the LAV Filters (just with the mp4 option) on the other machines
now the mp4 videos also run within LiveCode. I think that’s too deep under
the hood that I can understand it, but I have a solution for my customers.

I'll file it anyhow at the QC because it still keeps strange, why mp4 videos
can be played outside of LC, but not with LC.

Thanks a lot for fiddling around!

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Hi Tiemo,

just made a little test on my "stock" Win10 installation (Parallels on my

WindowsMediaPlayer plays any MP4 fine, but nothing appears in the player of
So this is definitively a LC issue!

Then I downloaded and installed the latest LAVFilter codec package:
Et voila, I can play these MP4, which did not play before, in LC!? 
Does not make any sense actually!?

> On 3/7/17 9:47 AM, Tiemo Hollmann TB via use-livecode wrote:
>> Yes, it plays fine on my development machine by selecting it via a
dialog, but not on the other machines.
>> Tiemo



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