[Long] Moving a REST request from Desktop to Server

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Tue Mar 7 18:56:59 EST 2017

Hi all,

I am trying to move a request I do from a desktop app to a liveCode server script and am facing the problem that some of the stuff I use (most of it libURL stuff) is not available on the server. Now I wonder how I could translate it…

Scenario is the following:
Problem is libURLLastRHHeaders() is unavailable on server and can not easiely be copied from libURL
Anyone got an idea?

local sCookieHeader

on mouseUp
	local tURL,tUser,tPassWord,tCookie,tSubmitId,tsubmit,tJson,tJsonArray
	local test
		set the httpHeaders to empty
		put „aUser" into tUser
		put „aPassword" into tPassWord
		put "264812" into tSubmitID
		put "Log+in" into tSubmit
		get libURLFormData("userName", tUser,"password", tPassword,"submit",tSubmit,"submitID",tSubmitId) — not available on Server, but can be copied from libURL
		post it to url "http://test.com/login.php"
		_storeCookies libURLLastRHHeaders() — needed to authenticate. libURLLastRHHeaders unavailable
		set the httpHeaders to sCookieHeader
		put fld "URL" into tURL
		put URL tURL into tJson
	catch theErr
		put theErr
	end try
end mouseUp

## Parse header returned from a server and create a cookie header that
## can be sent back: Cookie: cookie1;cookie2;cookie3;...
private command _StoreCookies pHeader
	local theCharNo,theCookieLine,theLineNo,theOffset
	put empty into sCookieHeader
	put 0 into theOffset
	repeat forever
		put lineoffset("Set-Cookie:", pHeader, theOffset) into theLineNo
		if theLineNo > 0 then
			add theOffset to theLineNo
			put line theLineNo of pHeader into theCookieLine
			delete word 1 of theCookieLine ## Set-Cookie:
			put offset(";", theCookieLine) into theCharNo
			if theCharNo > 0 then
				delete char theCharNo to -1 of theCookieLine
			end if
			put theCookieLine & ";" after sCookieHeader
			put theLineNo into theOffset
			exit repeat
		end if
	end repeat
	if the last char of sCookieHeader is ";" then
		delete the last char of sCookieHeader
	end if
	if sCookieHeader is not empty then
		put "Cookie: " before sCookieHeader
	end if
	return empty
end _StoreCookies

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