[ANN] Release 9.0.0 DP-5

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Mon Mar 6 14:07:44 EST 2017

On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 5:41 PM, panagiotis merakos via use-livecode <
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> - Implementation of a remote debugger (Business only):
> Run a standalone for the local platform from the IDE and debug it whilst it
> runs locally
> Run a standalone for iOS or Android from the IDE and debug it whilst it
> runs on a directly connected Android or iOS device

First congratulations on the new (tentative) release. Lots of good
improvements there.

Still, the fact that debugging is considered a business level feature
doesn't work for me. Any software developer who is shipping products and is
serious about them will use a debugger. This feature should be in the
community version or at least the indy one.

Just like the TS Net arbitrary difference between licenses, this is another
"business decision" where HQ is shooting itself on the foot. Any other
platform tool will have debugger in their most basic offerings and by
debugger I mean "ability to debug (as in stepper) on deployed platforms".

The fact that these decisions are being taken, where the HQ appears to be
focusing more and more on business licensees feels like I am being forced
into such license. At this moment, I am starting to wonder if there is any
reason to be indy at all.

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