revZip functions, compressing and extracting folder for transfer

Phil Davis revdev at
Sat Mar 4 15:49:53 EST 2017

Here is a sanitized version of a simple zip library stack I use in 
projects. It keeps me from having to get down into the nuts and bolts 
every time I want to zip a file:

Phil Davis

On 3/4/17 9:25 AM, Matt Maier via use-livecode wrote:
> Is there an overview or tutorial on how to use the revZip functions?
> Do I have to use each individual function to manually describe the process
> of creating and using a zip archive?
> Like, to create the archive, do I have to write my own code to open it,
> repeat for each file and/or each folder, find and specify the name and
> contents and format of each file, then close it, then remember to delete it
> later...or is there a command somewhere that just takes a folder and
> returns a zipped version of that folder?
> The same question for extracting an archive. Do I have to open it,
> enumerate the files, repeat for each file and/or folder, figure out that
> file's name, contents, and format, copy the file to an appropriate new
> file, then close it, then remember to delete it later...or is there a
> command that just takes a *.zip and returns an extracted folder?
> I already spent a couple hours trying various combinations of quotes around
> the parameters to add something to an archive before I figured out put the
> data into the URL as a binfile manually. Then this morning I ran across a
> different revZip function to add a file directly, instead of raw data,
> which I guess is what I was doing. So it would be nice to find out that
> there's already a function that does all of the obvious zip archive stuff
> automatically and correctly.
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