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> Its likely I'm being dense here... but does the PDF viewer not meet your
> needs?

No; it really isn't even in the same range.

What I absolutely need is to be able to use an eps (or an arbitrarily sized
png) as an inserted image in the same way as a jpg, gif, or png.

There might be one on a page, or there might be a few, and they would
display for the user on a regular card, with regular functionality of the
other objects on my card.

Then, when done, the page region of that card prints out as a pdf, the eps
and everything on top of it (as a practical matter, all are fields) print
out to my output pdf just like any other card.

The output part is easy.  While my Forth and PostScript are to rusty to
remember the right verbs, it would be something like:

put "begin image" & cr & file:"the_eps_to_include.eps" & cr & "end image" &
cr after thePDFoutputSoFar

As for on screen display, an eps should be far simpler than the containers
for video and so forth.

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