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> I don't know much about EPS or how it relates to PDF. But on Linux, LC
> supports EPS objects. Mac is sorta/kinda Linux. I wonder if something could
> be done about that.

At thepdf export level (building code for the variant of Forth that styles
itself "postscript"), it should  be pretty much identical. (in fact, it
should *be* identical for *everything* save for any variation in line
termination used in the filename of the external [if it be external] eps).

Displaying at screen res can't possibly be all that hard; it's a one-time
render that would only change if the pixelDensity (?) was changed (I
actually do that to scale output windows to readable size).

I used to use .eps as background images when I did this in openoffice ten
years ago . . . (the only feature I can name offhand that openCalc can has
that excel doesn't.  Oh, and the openWriter display editor--years ago, I
found my students were doing their stat homework in with openWriter
because, unlike Word, it's equation editor is useful)

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