Blowing Away the Cobwebs

Gregory Lypny gregory.lypny at
Thu Mar 2 15:30:14 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

	I’m getting back to LiveCode after a fairly long absence, having been sidetracked by a massive text analysis project that required me to depend a lot on Mathematica. I’m hoping you can help with a few ad hoc questions.
	Does LiveCode have a matrix inverse function? I thought it did but I can’t find one. I did find the matrix multiplication function.
	Is there a tutorial (for dummies) on writing externals? I’d like to export some of my Mathematica code to C and use LiveCode to build a UI. I don’t know C, but I do know that Mathematica code can be exported as C.
	Is it possible to give fields rounded corners? I don’t see a radius property in the field inspector. I can create one by overlaying a field with a graphics rectangle that has rounded corners, but if the field property exists, I’d rather use it.


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