Build a simple app on HTML5 [WAS: Re: Build a simple app on Android]

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Jul 31 02:23:34 CEST 2017

Yes, I've been using the python server as described in the deployment 
guide, and it's very handy. But the real app (the one this was condensed 
out of) actually wants to download files from a server (that I can't add 
the app itself to), so for now I'm kind of stuck.

Hmmm - maybe I can modify SimpleHTTPServer to be a little "bridge 
server" that can receive the request, download from the internet to the 
local disk, and then supply it as requested ...

Looks like I may be able to join the sub-community after all :-)   More 
tomorrow or Tuesday :-)


On 31/07/2017 00:28, hh via use-livecode wrote:
>> Alex wrote:
>> the "same domain"  limitation makes it unfeasible for me to use it
>> for now.
> You can test it with a local web server. I use this always for testing in HTML5
> (e.g. using python as described in the HTML5 deployment guide of the dictionary
> "Testing your HTML5 app ...").
> So I hope you will join the "HTML5-sub-community" ;-)
>> Alex wrote:
>> btw - while looking at that entry in the release notes (for dp8), I
>> noticed the paragraph above it. Any guess what this is trying to say ?
> Yes there are missing some lines. Panos wrote in his announcement:
>> New syntax forms of the "create" command have been added, so you can now
>> do "create card X in stack Y", or "create control Y in card Z"
> I didn't try that until now.
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