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I use Firefox for dev'ing on the html5 engine as it tends to be at the forefront of 'what is to come' and also I find it's dev console somehow more responsive and 'better' than Chrome's and Safari's when dealing with huge blob of JS that the html5 engine is.

For everything else I use Chrome.

In all fairness to the Mozilla crew they are currently rewriting the core of FireFox in Rust (the Servo project). In fact Rust has been developed to do that.

When that is done we can fully expect that FireFox will be the most secure browser (at least as far as the bounds of the layout engine / JS engine goes) when evaluated from the point of view of having any exploitable vulnerabilities caused by coding errors (as you can't make such errors in Rust).

So if FireFox itself is going through a bit of a end-user low point it is likely in part to that (and the division of resources they must be facing).

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>> Duly submitted from Chrome. Something is wrong with Firefox.
> I recently had a brief flirtation with Firefox for a few weeks, then gave up in disgust and went back to Chrome. Web browsers are such memory hogs these days.
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