Sneaky email messages

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Jul 29 16:58:28 CEST 2017

" When Livecode executes the *revMail* command, the user's email program 
is opened (*if necessary*) and a new email message with the specified 
parameters is created.
The user can change any of the settings before sending the message, and 
the message is *not sent automatically*: the user must explicitly send 
it (for example,
by clicking a "Mail" button in the email program)."

My colourisation.

Is there a way to:

1. prevent the end-user's email client opening?

2. send an email message automatically?

OK: let me be direct and open about this:

I want standalones sitting on machines of clients of mine to send me 
their MAC addresses and the type of operating system they are using.

3. Would I be an "underhand so-and-so" if I did this?

I am aware that many items of software "phone home".


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