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On Mac, you never know for sure if a BP will trigger.

I took to calling them "Pirate Code Dots" for a reason.

In all fairness, they got *MUCH* better a few months ago, and now usually

Well, except when they go on walkabout, and relocate to other parts of the
script, or empty lines, or . . .


They will usually even trigger in preOpenStack on startup these days; I
used to have to use an ask before I could even get a coded breakpoint to

It used to be the norm to lose a couple of hours of a full day of coding to
the IDE ; now it's a few minutes here and there.

(But the failure to fix that bug where local variables get clobbered when
opening palettes remains a problem; I'd forgotten the details [and I
reported it!] until an update today noting that it's still present in 9.0;
I think it's the problem of a couple of my big, release-blocking issues at
the moment)
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