Should RunRev create a testing circle for developers?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jul 18 20:28:34 CEST 2017

jonathandlynch wrote:

 > Would it be helpful if the Mothership had a group activity where
 > developers could put in a certain number of hours testing others'
 > apps, and then cash in for an equal number of hours from other
 > developers getting their own apps tested?

I think such a pool is a very good idea, and perhaps even a great one if 
we do it ourselves without encumbering the company with managing it.

There's little the company could contribute to such an effort that we 
couldn't do ourselves, and moving that responsibility to them would take 
time away from the tasks where that team is uniquely valuable, those 
requiring C++ expertise.

If you would like to manage this project you may consider creating a 
thread for it in the Community Projects section of the forums, where the 
governance details can be worked out in collaboration with others:

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